Reflection on Connectivism Mind Map

How has your network changed the way you have learned?

The examples that I used in my mind map have allowed me to see different ways throughout technology to learn.  Social Networking has become a huge factor in technology and individuals use this form of communication everyday.  Facebook is not only for communicating with your friends anymore.  Business use this to communicate to the public and help you learn about the services they offer.  I have been exposed to blogging a lot more in this class as well.  The tool has allowed me to see what other options I can use in my instructional design career.  Another tool that I use throughout my learning process is through the learning management system that my employer uses.  We use this tool to help us as employees to stay up to date on trends and to keep us compliant with regulation.  Some other examples that I included in my mind map consisted of search engines and Blackboard which I currently use in my Masters program.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?

I really like the online format that I use for my program at Walden University.  I used Blackboard before in my undergraduate institution but it has changed since then.  The online education that is offered to me allows me to learn at my own pace but also allows me to manage myself so I can meet deadlines for assignments.  The system also allows you to interact with your classmates throughout the course if problems arises on assignments or if you just want to chat to see how things are going.  This type of learning atmosphere is best for me because it works with my schedule and I can still keep a full time job and go to school.

How do you gain knowledge when you have questions?

I am old fashion when it comes to questions.  I’m not afraid to ask anyone if I don’t know the answer.  I also rely on search engines such as Google to help me find information that is needed.  This one reason I listed this in the mind map because you can learn numerous of information just by searching the world wide web.

In what ways does your personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

In one of our required readings, George Siemens defines connectivism as a learning theory that integrates technology, social networks, and information.  My mind map network supports what connectivism is trying to explain because every tool that I use in my learning is associated with the contents.  Everybody learns different and should have a different mind map but in the end it should reflect how we learn.


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