Blog Sites for Instructional Design

The following are three sites I viewed for my assignment for Week One.

Instructional Design and Development Blog

This blog site consists of several bloggers that post different subject matters that they are involved with.  This site will allow myself to stay up to date on current trends and news that is going on in the instructional design field.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Instructional Design – Articulate

This site allows you to understand the importance of being an Instructional Designer.  It breaks down the goals of what you should focus on to allow your content to be understood by the learner.  This site will be great for upcoming or current designers in the field to revert to when they are needing a refresher of why their content should grab the attention of the learner and help them through their journey.

What does an instructional designer do? « Experiencing E-Learning

This site gives you a background of what an Instructional Designer does.  The author breaks down how designers can help learners practice real life skills through its content.  The site will allow me as a student and upcoming designers to understand the job skill that it takes to be in this field.



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